Anand Shah

Anand has been in continuous private practice for 26 years: 11 years as a solicitor and 15 as a barrister.

Anand’s main area of practice is commercial litigation covering areas such as corporations law, contract, equity, restrictive trade practices, consumer law, property, trusts, insolvency, bankruptcy, banking and insurance. Other areas of practice include administrative law, judicial review, succession, defamation, discrimination, and personal injuries.

As counsel, Anand has appeared in the High Court, Queensland Court of Appeal and in all the State Courts at interlocutory and trial level as well as the District Court in its appellate jurisdiction. Anand has also appeared in the Federal Court and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia and in the following Tribunals at interlocutory and trial level: the former Commercial and Consumer Tribunal (Building and Retirement Village Lists), the former Retail Shops Leases Tribunal and the former Anti-Discrimination Tribunal. He has also appeared at coronial inquests both as counsel and solicitor.

Anand is a nationally accredited mediator and has been appointed to act as a mediator in disputes concerning commercial law, professional negligence, succession and personal injuries. Anand sits on LEADR’s Queensland Chapter Committee.

Anand is actively involved in the affairs of the Bar Association of Queensland including having been elected by the Bar, on nine occasions, to serve on its peak executive body, the Bar Council. Anand is also a past president of Queensland Young Lawyers and has served on many Queensland Law Society committees including the Property Law and Development Committee.

Anand has a keen interest in legal education delivering many papers and articles for the Queensland Law Society, Bar Association of Queensland and professional legal providers such as LexisNexis and Thomson Reuters. He has also taught in the areas of civil procedure and evidence. He holds a masters of law from the Queensland University of Technology.

During Anand’s chairing of the QUT Learning Potential Fund (2012 – 2013), the Fund’s endowment significantly increased. The Fund assists socio-economically disadvantaged students. Anand currently sits on the QUT Law Alumni Executive Committee.